Complete power plant solutions

in own factory

Today, besides producing electrical parts, EN-CO is in the position of being able to take over the planning, project management and execution of power plant construction, turbine delivery, installation and after-sales services. The company has intimate knowledge of the market and potential power plant solutions, yet provides no serial production. EN-CO does not deliver "off the shelf", but rather provide custom solutions once components have been carefully selected according to the client's needs, local conditions and regulations.

This all means that EN-CO reacts quickly and flexibly to client requests, whether about custom models, modifications or repairs. Through a slim-line management structure and the cooperation of reliable partners we are able to produce cost efficiently, we pass this cost benefit to our customers.

In particular through an operational merger with our partner company Sora GmbH (Ltd.), we are able to supply complete power plant solutions according to the "Water to Wire" principle.


Low and medium voltage electrical systems

For power distribution

For all production facilities and in particular hydroelectric power plants, EN-CO supplies complete low-voltage systems with controllers, measuring instruments, sensors and regulators as well as medium-voltage systems with transformers, switching cells, protective relays and parallel circuits.

Low-voltage networks are geographically limited to a maximum of a few kilometres. Therefore, those are fed by transformer stations from a parent medium-voltage network.

The actual power distribution and consolidation of loads and generators happens in the switchgear between medium- and low-voltage systems. Our switchgear allow the necessary changes to network topology in case of faults and the implementation of resources for maintenance.


The control room

For comprehensible representations of complex processes

A picture is worth a thousand words, a phrase that also applies to machinery and equipment. Almost every machine needs a user interface and for orientation, every user needs overviews, graphics and a display of the process values. EN-CO provides easy-to-understand, clear and concise representations for every plant it installs. This applies particularly to energy production and distribution, but also to snowmaking equipment and water supply.


Control and automation technology

For optimized production

Hydroelectric power plants are EN-CO's speciality. The controllers, which are installed in all plants by EN-CO or in project partnerships, are designed to the highest quality standards and can be operated simply and automatically. Where local conditions allow, remote monitoring and access is provided, allowing adjustments to be made and the plant's status to be registered, monitored and altered via PC or smartphone.

Thanks to the skills that the company has acquired in this area, EN-CO is now also able to supply electrical (as opposed to only the traditional type) turbine control actuators – for the distributor as well as jets and deflectors. This means that turbines can be controlled with more precision and the plant as a whole is less susceptible to malfunction.



Complete power plant solutions

EN-CO manufactures components for the automation of power plants in its own factory. Virtually all equipment supplied, particularly electrical enclosures, controllers, and distribution systems are developed, produced, and programmed internally. For small hydroelectric power plants is the complete electromechanical equipment supplied, from high-, medium- and low-voltage systems to controllers, automation and visualisation.


Low-Pressure Turbines

Pioneer and all-rounder

The Francis turbine is still the most widely used type of turbine and is employed in situations with an average drop and flow rates. We favour to realize horizontal Francis spiral turbines. Thanks to our actuators and an operating point monitoring, the turbine is working with its highest efficiencies. The machines are predominantly constructed with oil- and maintenance-free turbine controller.

The Kaplan turbine is employed in situations with low drops and large or fluctuating flow rates. The turbine contains a hydraulic turbine controller and is delivered with runner adjustment.

Depending on requirements, the machine is equipped with synchronous, asynchronous, or permanent generators which are air or water-cooled.


High-Pressure Turbines

Particularly suited to alpine environments

The Pelton turbine is primarily used in high drop situations. We obstruct 1- or 2-jet horizontal as well as multi-jet vertical Pelton turbines. According the requirements the horizontal and vertical Pelton is equipped with synchronous, asynchronous, or permanent generators which are air or water-cooled. Those are predominantly constructed with oil- and maintenance-free turbine controller. Our optimized turbine control for multi-jet turbines ensures an operation with high efficiency.