We control the power of the nature

EN-CO means energy control. We manufacture control systems for all energy related sectors. Our key services are in the fields of power plant and network control technology.

EN-CO produces complete, turnkey ready electromechanical equipment for power plants, particularly small hydroelectric power plants. The renovation of existing power plants and their technical modernization is also included within the scope of the company.

Our clients are typically companies active in the energy production and energy distribution sectors. Working in project partnership with turbine manufacturers, we can offer complete power plant solutions, including the design and engineering.

Within the company, we place particular emphasis on transparency and efficient organisation. EN-CO works according to the guidelines of the international Quality Management System.



Evolution to hydropower specialists

EN-CO was founded in 1999 by Robert Steindl and has quickly specialized in the production of customised equipment for a variety of installations in the field of energy generation and distribution with especially high technological demands. Initially, chiefly switchgear and controls for various installations were installed, from hydroelectric power plants to pumping stations, snowmaking equipment and transfer stations.

In recent years, EN-CO has specialised in complete solutions for hydroelectric power plants. It has thus become a reliable partner and increasingly also project manager in the field of power plant construction.



Intelligent control systems

In recent years, EN-CO has established itself as a provider of complete solutions for hydroelectric power plants. Decentralised energy supply, in which many small plants feed electricity into a local network, represents a new challenge for distribution. EN-CO meets this challenge with intelligent control systems for energy generation plants.

Because network quality has become a decisive criterion for many clients, the company is increasingly focussing on intelligent distribution networks with a central point. Such networks are capable of recording all network events (history), of localising faults, and to monitor and control the network topology (i.e., the production and distribution of energy in the network).



Our most important resource

EN-CO’s trump card is the many years of professional experience and specialist knowledge of its employees. Clearly structured company divisions and process efficiency support these vital resource.

Once the commercial aspects have been clarified, our clients are guaranteed the same contact person for all matters. Internal, our heads of department ensure the timely implementation of each project phase. EN-CO operates a qualified service centre for all technical problems after the completion of a plant. Our customer service department works around the clock, taking care of all aspects of the plant (24-hour service).