High-Pressure Turbines

particularly suited to the mountain environment

Some of our references (please scroll down):

PH=Horizontal Pelton; PV=Vertical Pelton

Mühltal-Klamm, 330kVA, PH2, Austria, 2018

Luggauerbach, 1400kVA, PV4, Austria, 2018

Kajoma, 2x1150kVA, 2xPV6, Italy, 2018

Messelingbach, 540kVA, PH2, Italy, 2017

Kuenser Waal, 160kVA, PH2, Italy, 2017

Tsetsevitiko, 2200kVA, PH2, Greece, 2016

Sillpark, 800kVA, PV2, Austria, 2016

Schleierbach, 320kVA, PH2, Italy, 2016

Riesachfall, 60kVA, PH2, Austria, 2016

Petrorrema, 1300kVA, PH3, Austria, 2016

Pescone, 100kVA, PH2, Italy, 2016

Monterosa, 150kVA, PH2, Austria, 2016

St. Leonhard, 2x2900kVA, PH6, Austria, 2015

Oberlohr Oberstufe, 350kVA, PH3, Austria, 2015

Kofleralm, 14kVA, PH1, Italy, 2015

Kerschbaum, 350kVA, 2xPH3, Austria, 2015

Kalte Kendl, 50kVA, PH1, Austria, 2015

Ahornach, 100kVA,PH1,Austria, 2015

Unterberg, 1250kVA, PV4, Italy, 2014

Überwasserbach, 550kVA, PV4, Italy, 2014

Steintobel, 400kVA, PH2, Austria, 2014

Steinbach, 400kVA, PH2, Italy, 2014

Schwarzbach, 220kVA, PV4, Austria, 2014

Saldur, 5000kVA, PV5, Italy, 2014

Palüdbach, 500/600kVA, PV2/PV5, Austria, 2014

Le Mase, 70kVA, PH2, Italy, 2014

Taurerwirt, 800kVA, PH2, Austria, 2013

Schalders 2, 400kVA, PH1, Italy, 2013

Mühlbach, 180kVA, PV2, Austria, 2013

Val Bianca, 1600kVA, PV4, Italy, 2012

Unterreinswald, 500kVA, PV4, Italy, 2012

Tanzbach, 2540kVA, PV4, Italy, 2012

Sigiswang, 250kVA, PH1, Italy, 2012

Seebbach, 450kVA, PV4, Italy, 2012

Sagenbach, 3500kVA, PH2, Switzerland, 2012

Rio Lasino, 2820kVA, PV5, Italy, 2012

Prags, 800kVA, PH5, Austria, 2012

Palvico 87, 500kVA, PV5, Italy, 2012

Aberstückl, 1000kVA, PH2, Italy, 2012

St. Peter, 1000kVA, PV6, Italy, 2011

Rainbach Krimml, 360kVA, PH2, Austria, 2011

Allries, 27/500kVA, PH1/PH2, Italy, 2011

Valtiglbach, 250/60kVA, PH2/PH1, Italy, 2010

Teufental, 350kVA, PH2, Italy, 2010

St. Magdalena, 375kVA, PV4, Italy, 2010

Seebergbach, 700kVA, PH2, Austria, 2010

Rainbach, 360kVA, PH2, Austria, 2010

Puni, 2x2500kVA, PH2, Italy, 2010

Pircherbach, 300/850kVA, PH2, Italy, 2010

Obermarkt, 720kVA, PH2, Austria, 2010

Avcilar, 3x6200kVA, 3xPV4, Turkey, 2010

Werk 3 Assling, 3150kVA, PH1, Austria, 2009

Vryssochori, 1750kVA, PV4, Greece, 2009

Palvico, 2x2000kVA, PH2, Italy, 2009

Sagbach, 1000kVA, PH2, Italy, 2009

Rettenbach, 4000/400kVA, PH2, Austria, 2009

Ochsenbergbach, 900kVA, PH2, Italy, 2009

Wirtsgschwöll, 125kVA, PH2, Italy, 2008

Strickner, 140kVA, PH2, Austria, 2008

Staffler, 55kVA, PH2, Italy, 2008

Mieders, 45/55kVA, PH1, Austria, 2008

Kläranlage Schnals, 55kVA, PH1, Austria, 2008

Kaltern, 55kVA, PH4, Italy, 2018

Schatzerhütte, 125kVA, PH1, Italy, 2018

Dickenau, 90kVA, PH, Austria, 2018

Fane Alm, 113kVA, PH3, Italy, 2017

Anras, 2x2400kVA, 2xPH1, Austria, 2017

Iselle, 2200kVA, PH2, Italy, 2016

Innervillgraten, 1650/1000kVA, PV5/PV3, Austria, 2016

Grins, 200kVA, PH1, Austria, 2016

Flaurling, 225kVA, PH1, Austria, 2016

Dielenbach 1, 330kVA, PH2, Austria, 2016

Dielenbach 2, 210kVA, PH2, Austria, 2016

Chesio, 100kVA, PH2, Italy, 2016

Inzing, 20/350kVA, 2xPH1, Austria, 2015

Hirschbrunnerbach, 6000kVA, PH2, Italy, 2015

Eppzirlquellen, 200kVA, PH2, Austria, 2015

Colm, 285kVA, PV3, Switzerland, 2015

Assling KW 1, 1400kVA, PH5, Austria, 2015

Walchhofbach, 160kVA, PH2, Italy, 2014

Assling KW 2, 1320kVA, PH2, Austria, 2014

Kargi, 1500kVA, PV6, Turkey, 2014

Gilardon, 225kVA, PH1, Italy, 2014

Fraderbach, 200kVA, PH2, Austria, 2014

Burgstaller, 60kVA, PH1, Austria, 2014

Buchentobel, 400kVA, PH1, Austria, 2014

Bayra, 2x5700kVA, PV6, Turkey, 2014

Albrist, 270kVA, PV4, Switzerland, 2014

Medelbach, 120kVA, PH2, Austria, 2013

Grübelebach, 1900kVA, PV3, Austria, 2013

Eggerbach, 480kVA, PV4, Italy, 2013

Val Bianca, 1600kVA, PV4, Italy, 2012

Kalmann, 300kVA, PH2, Italy, 2012

Gorgiani, 750kVA, PV6, Greece, 2012

Getrum, 850kVA, PH2, Italy, 2012

Fonti, 840/1362kVA, PH2, Italy, 2012

Findik US, 2x6200kVA, PV5, Turkey, 2012

Findik OS, 2x4700kVA, PV5, Turkey, 2012

Dietenheim, 100kVA, PH1, Italy, 2012

Burger, 100kVA, PH1, Italy, 2012

Antrattbach, 800kVA, PH2, Italy, 2012

Vinci, 1500/5850kVA, 2xPH2, Italy, 2011

Padastertal, 55kVA, PH1, Austria, 2011

Weissteiner, 160kVA, PH2, Italy, 2010

Lago Nambino, 15kVA, PV4, Italy, 2010

Kronburgbach, 630/170kVA, PH1/PH2, Austria, 2010

Klausberg, 610kVA, PH2, Italy, 2010

Klamme, 2x4980kVA, PV4, Italy, 2010

Kakorema, 1200kVA, PV6, Greece, 2010

Funtanes, 650kVA, PV4, Turkey, 2010

Cisles, 1000kVA, PH2, Italy, 2010

Bergbahnen See OS, 600kVA, PH2, Austria, 2010

Yaylabel, 2x300kVA, PV4, Turkey, 2009

Kirchbergbach, 250kVA, PH2, Italy, 2009

Groeben, 1250kVA, PH1, Italy, 2009

Fenestrelle, 2x11000kVA, PH2, Italy, 2009

Eisack, 2x1600kVA, PV4, Italy, 2009

Dorferbach, 2x2200kVA, PV4, Austria, 2009

Asprogia, 1360kVA, PH2, Greece, 2009

Himmelreich, 2x750kVA, PH2, Italy, 2008

Gais, 100kVA, PH2, Italy, 2008

Esterberg, 830kVA, PH2, Austria, 2008

Angerbachl, 80kVA, PH1, Austria, 2008

Kitzwasserquellen, 215kVA, PH2, Austria, 2007

Ködnitzbach, 2200kVA, PV4, Austria, 2007

Sella, 2x1150kVA, PV2, Greece, 2006

Götzens, 37kVA, PV2, Austria, 2005

Grossbergbach, 1600kVA, PH2, Italy, 2005

Asten, 600kVA, PH2, Italy, 2005


Low-Pressure Turbines

pioneer and all-rounder

Some of our references (please scroll down):

F=Francis; K=Kaplan; D=Diagonal; O=Ossberger

Kurzras, 95kVA, K, Italy, 2018

Göriach, 600kVA, D, Austria, 2018

Großweil, 2x250kVA, 2xK, Austria, 2018

Seebach, 750kVA, K, Austria, 2018

Mivas 1, 950/1850kVA, F/K, Albania, 2018

Mivas, 950/1850kVA, 2xF, Albania, 2018

Brusturianka 2, 999kVA, K, Ukraine, 2018

Lawe Sikap, 2x5000kVA, 2xF, Indonesia, 2018

Treia, 840kVA, F, Italy, 2017

Ellmaubach,  300kVA, O, Austria, 2016

Vitorchiano, 360kVA, F, Italy, 2016

La Vina, 392kVA, O, Chile, 2016

La Bifurcada, 244kVA, K, Chile, 2016

Laubeggfall, 2779kVA, D, Switzerland, 2015

Sebil, 2x1400kVA, F, Turkey, 2015

Kargi, 2x3000/1500kVA, 2xF/PV6, Turkey, 2014

Treia, 800kVA, 2xK, Italy, 2014

Pflerscherbach, 60kVA, K, Italy, 2014

Mulino Arena, 350kVA, K, Italy, 2014

Ligonchio, 1400/2600kVA, 3xF, Italy, 2012

Villar Perosa, 2000kVA, K, Italy, 2012

Nogarola, 130kVA, F, Italy, 2012

Mühlen, 750/1100kVA, F, Austria, 2012

Meduna/Noncello, 613/914kVA, K, Italy, 2012

Gerin, 550/300kVA, F, Italy, 2011

Visfall, 200/2000/1015kVA, 3xF, Austria, 2011/2010

Vilsfall, 1015kVA, F, Austria, 2010

Torre, 535kVA, K, Italy, 2010

Sauterot, 2x360kVA, F/D, Switzerland, 2010

Zoll, 153kVA, O, Italy, 2009

Yazi, 1250kVA, F, Turkey, 2009

Wassermann, 250/480kVA, F, Italy, 2009

Taser, 300/574kVA, F, Italy, 2008

Mousda, 1100kVA, F, Greece, 2008

Kasern, 1500/1100kVA, F/D, Italy, 2007

Marth, 2x700kVA, 2xK, Italy, 2006

Felsenkeller, 200kVA, F, Italy, 2001

Brusturianka Micro, 95kVA, K, Ukraine, 2018

Steinbruch, 630kVA, K, Italy, 2018

Rufina, 600kVA, K, Italy, 2018

Saukaserbach, 489kVA, O, Austria, 2018

Cogne, 1150kVA, K, Italy, 2018

Mühltal-Klamm, 880kVA, F, Austria, 2018

Strymonas, 2x1900kVA, 2xK, Grecce, 2018

Kirchbichl, 800kVA, K, Austria, 2018

Vinaders Oberstufe, 630/500kVA, O/F, Austria, 2017

Covadonga III, 281kVA, O, Guatemala, 2016

Covadonga II, 281kVA, O, Guatemala, 2016

Cilla, 80kVA, O, Italy, 2016

Enns, 700/1550kVA, D/F, Austria, 2016

Kniepass, 2100/2x4500kVA, 3xF, Italy, 2015

Plöven, 420kVA, F, Austria, 2015

Brusturianka, 1000kVA, K, Ukraine, 2014

Bandirma, 3600kVA, K, Turkey, 2014

Paalbach, 500kVA, D, Austria, 2014

Pontevico, 809kVA, K, Italy, 2013

Inverso, 3x2000kVA, 3xF, Italy, 2012

Gorgiani, 1650kVA, F, Grecce, 2012

General, 2x3500kVA, 2xF, Turkey, 2012

Degernlahne, 100kVA, F, Austria, 2012

Binn, 280kVA, D, Switzerland, 2011

Burida, 428kVA, K, Italy, 2011

Longone, 800kVA, K, Italy, 2010

Loisachbach, 50/570kVA, 2xK, Austria, 2010

Aggitis, 800kVA, F, Grecce, 2010

Serravalle, 1200/600kVA, F, Italy, 2009

Pens, 400/400kVA, F, Italy, 2009

Bellano, 2000/3200kVA, 2xF, Italy, 2009

Cossogno, 1500kVA, D, Italy, 2008

Agios Dimitrios, 1000kVA, F, Grecce, 2008

Gurk, 450kVA, K, Austria, 2007

Goev, 1200kVA, K, Grecce, 2006

Gombaro, 2x2000/1600kVA, 2xF/D, Italy, 2005


Automation and Switchgear

electricity production without retention

Some of our references (please scroll down):

Some of our references (please scroll down); PS=Pumping Station; AS=Artificial Snow; ST=Current Distribution; WE=Water Economy; TS=Transfer Station

Kurzras, A, Italy, 2018

Stilfs, ST, Italy, 2017

Sporthotel Winkler, A, Italy, 2017

Kleinboden, TC, Austria, 2016

Sorniot, TC, Switzerland, 2016

Rosskopf, TS, Italy, 2016

Kronblick, TS, Italy, 2015

Tarvisio, TRC, Italy, 2015

Susasca, TRC, Switzerland, 2015

Pfefferlechner, A, Italy, 2015

Litz, TRC, Switzerland, 2015

Schlaitenbach, TC, Austria, 2014

Sagbach, TC, Italy, 2014

Gohlhaus, TRC, Switzerland, 2014

Reinisch, TC,  Austria, 2013

Hotel Taljörgele, TS, Italy, 2013

Hard, TRC, Switzerland, 2013

Walchhofgut, TC, Austria, 2012

Sonnberg, TC, Italy, 2012

Schöpf, TC, Austria, 2012

Sarnthein, TS, Italy, 2012

Pilling Helga, TS, Italy, 2012

Vorwitzbach, TC, Austria, 2011

Tiers, ST, Italy, 2011

Strickeralmbach, TC, Austria, 2011

Solarxpert, TS, Italy, 2011

Stauder Alois, TS, Italy, 2010

Himmelreich, TS, Italy, 2008

Villnöss, STC, Italy, 2007

Tiefbrunnen Sterzing, A, Italy, 2007

Thermowipptal, TS, Italy, 2007

SWB Bruneck, ST/WE, Italy, 2007

St. Vigil, ST/AS, Italy, 2007

Ski Area, AS, Italy, 2007

Schlanders, ST/WE, Italy, 2007

Tiers, WE, Italy, 2004

Hotel Schneeberg, TS, Italy, 2004

Lavarent, A, Italy, 2017

Grasstein, TS, Italy, 2017

Promeghin, ST, Italy, 2017

Finsingbach, TC, Austria, 2016

Baumwollplantage, A, Ethiopia, 2016

Stenico, ST, Italy, 2016

Jaufenlift, TS, Italy, 2015

Dünnern, A, Switzerland, 2015

Bärau, TRC, Italy, 2015

AH-Bräu, A, Italy, 2015

Hotel Plunhof, TS, Italy, 2014

Hotel Feuerstein, TS, Italy, 2014

Gsteig, TRC, Switzerland, 2014

Obermatt, TRC, Switzerland, 2014

Entholz, TS, Italy, 2013

Biogas, TS, Italy, 2013

Nötschbachquelle, TC, Austria, 2012

Mandl, TC, Austria, 2012

Ladurns Speicher, TS, Italy, 2012

Fernheizwerk, TS, Italy, 2012

Cortino Teramo, TS, Italy, 2012

Pflersch, ST, Italy, 2011

Hotel Rainer, TS, Italy, 2011

Domodossola, TS, Italy, 2011

Bruckhäusl, TC, Italy, 2011

Dabringer, BTTP 3x300, Italy, 2010

Domanegg, TS, Italy, 2010

Ratschings, ST/AS, Italy, 2007

Prad, ST, Italy, 2007

Pflersch, ST, Italy, 2007

Latsch, ST/WE, Italy, 2007

Jaufental, ST, Italy, 2007

ERD, ST, Italy, 2007

Cedis, ST, Italy, 2007

Assling, ST, Austria, 2007

S.A.B.I Gruber, TS, Italy, 2004